Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lady gaga is a state

wtf has she done to her face?

we're an attractive pair...

the only person i've had sex with is aaron, and he's the only person i plan on having sex with, for a long time, at least.
My first time was amazing actually, yeah, it really fucking hurt, but he was so lovely about it, we had been together about 9 months, and we were both each others first and he just idk, he cared. He wanted it to be right and it was. I love him for it.
I love him and i think that's what made it as good as it could have been.

if it wasn't for how my lips looked, this would be my favourite picture of me and aaron

gay emotional post~

Ok, so my boyfriend lives in Worthing. I live in Livingston, that is exactly 495 miles away from me, he works from 8 til 5 then goes to the gym from 5 til 7. So we only get to speak at night. I miss him so much it really hurts. I can't cope half the time. The distance causes us to argue 10 times more than we would normally, cause when he's here we just cherish each others company. When he's not here i just want to cry all the time, it drives me crazy. It just makes me so sad.


I hate school, like i really can't stand it. I hate the people there and the actual place.
I love to learn tho, and it's horrible. I never go in, and that's resulted in just like idk, it feeling like a chore when i actually go. I've missed prelims and everything because people just don't tell me that i have any. I want to go to college when i move to aarons tho. I want to start over. Idk.
please tell me that this is a joke? This cannot be serious.
There cannot be such attention seeking people out there.. really.